Property Tax Review and Management

  • We monitor values and changes in properties for clients every year and keep clients up-to-date on the fairness of assessed values.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to manage commercial real estate portfolios.
  • We also have access to exceptional market data sources, including Redicomps – an appraisal sale database available to appraisers.
  • In addition to monitoring values of our clients’ properties, we review the potential for a successful appeal every year and provide recommendations on whether to appeal the valuation of a particular property.
  • We work with developers to ensure that values are set correctly from the beginning of the project all the way until the project is stabilized.

Property Tax Appeals

  • On-time filing in any jurisdiction in Minnesota.
  • Gather required information, and prepare and file all statutory disclosures required each year.
  • Negotiate reductions in assessed value for all years under appeal and future years if possible.
  • Litigate assessed values and other valuation issues if necessary.

Costs and Timing

  • Property Review: Free. We do not charge to review the prospects for appeal.
  • Attorneys Fees: Property tax appeals are typically handled on a contingency basis, so clients and owners are not responsible for legal fees unless we achieve a reduction.
  • Filing Fees: The filing fees for property tax appeals are between $350 and $450 per year on each property.
  • Timing: Generally it takes two to three years to fully complete an appeal.
  • Appeal Deadline: The deadline to file property tax appeals is April 30 in the year taxes become payable.